Friday, December 17, 2010

two soldiers and a three of diamonds - No.1 - چایی و ساقه طلایی

 The Man Called Old Fashion likes "Tea with Sagh-e-Talayee"
By a man called old fashion
There are some moments in life in which you feel a sort of testimony, and those are very happy moments. when your boss tells you are doing good, when someone selects you for a prize and -what we are going to focus on- when you see that one of your idols or artists that you adore, like something so much that you like it too, or do a small chore in his or her life just exactly as you do. Those weird moments feel great !

By me in the University of Tehran cafeteria
Great enough that here in "two soldiers and a three of diamonds" I want to share those feelings with the world. I can think of some such happenings in the past, but to starts I am going to choose the one that happened today and brought us up to here. I was in the middle of a literature gathering -as they call it- and a girl was reading a very sophisticated poem, when I checked my reader and figured out that the Old Fashion Man enjoys "tea with Sagh-e-talayee".. which was my main breakfast for almost 5 years during my undergrad times,.. I saw that he posted one of his own photos of that which he does not usually do.. this forsure emphasizes on the awesomeness of "tea with Sagh-e-talayee".
so be ready for the "two soldiers and a three of diamonds" from now on and share such moments of yours with me ..

- Pouya !*

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