Tuesday, February 3, 2009

my airplane pants - No.1

Airport's transit area is one of the most neutral spaces you can imagine. It does not share or declare any properties of the people in it, except that all of  those people are travelers who are passing perhaps the most unstructured times of their lives. Some are trying to shop, some trying to read and some just let the time flows without any aim. The interaction and apparition of these people in these instant multicultural hubs could be a great and yet not so discovered opportunity for anthropological arts as well as a great hobby project.

One of the main surface aspects which is visually exposed is the traveler’s fashion. Looking at the people you will see a big verity in people’s habits of clothing.  Some are too formal, and some too casual. Some wear their traditional costumes and some just cover themselves with a blanket. For many the appearance is much more important that they sacrifice the comfort,many just care about comfort. And some come with ideas to be comfortable and yet look nice.

This new topic in cinnamon's blog is called “my airplane pants” and is about the traveler’s fashion. It is about getting closer to the minds and lives of travelers and to their schemes of choosing clothes on the day of travel. Also, for using my own transit times and meeting different people from different cultures. This idea is influenced by a similar project about the street fashion. So stay tuned for the next my airplane pants.

- Pouya !*

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