Monday, March 18, 2013

Amble, Ramble, Whatever.. - No.2

Once a pretty lady who was sitting in front of me told a creep who was sitting next to me that people do not need always to be happy.

I was checking through my facebook timeline last night, its years passed from then. today when i was driving home from work, I got thinking to that night again, and a couple nights before that.

Once again i realized how your soul can enjoy an espresso once in a while, and how she was right. ignorance is bullshit, its being human that is the bliss. and I whispered with myself, all the way to home,..

 کوه با نخستين سنگ‌ها آغاز مي‌شود
 و انسان با نخستين درد.
 در من زندانی ستمگری بود که به آواز زنجیرش خو نمی کرد
در من زندانی ستمگری بود که ...  ه
من ...  ه

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