Sunday, April 10, 2011

زیر گنبد کبود - No.33 - CJSW first Farsi program

Finally, today the first CJSW Farsi show was aired. It was a very good show and I think that it has lots of potential, the fact the Iranian community in Calgary has grown to more than 5000 nowadays and yet there is not a single media that connects these people makes me to believe in this great door that Reza opened with more than six month of work and perseverance. So I strongly encourage everyone to listen this first show again in this link.
About the show itself, I think both the show itself and the people who are participating in it have an unlimited potential to grow this thing even much bigger than just a media for Iranian people in Calgary. Reza himself is a very bright guy who brought this from absolute zero to here. Ali, is the best person who I know in Calgary for hosting this show, I remember that I told this to reza once he said that Ali is hosting the show, and I am happy that today’s show proved me that I was right. Somaye, although I don’t know her very much, but she seems like she is determined to bring this to the next level.
About the Cyrus song, there were some minor errors in introducing the song. I feel that I have to note them here. The song is originally written by my dear friend Yalda Barzin, I was responsible for the lyrics. A brilliant young singer who lives in Iran, Kaveh Rafeian sang this beautifully (sample of his music) and  Mr.Reza Tajbakhsh was in charge for the musical arrangement. Moreover, nearly by the end of the show, my name was said as a supporter again, Yes, I am a supporter, and so is everybody else,I really appreciate this gesture, and I will continue to support this great cause.
About the future of this show, I had lots of ideas from this afternoon coming to my mind. I will share them with these three great people and I am sure that this will be far better than what it is right now. The most important thing that comes to my mind is the Andishe Group Sessions which can definitely add value to the show and vice versa.
About contacting the show, I am pretty sure that the in charges of this program will be very happy if they can reflect the art of independent artists of Iran, either inside or outside the country. So I encourage every artist who will get my words, to consider this show as possible way to gain new audiences. The show official facebook page is here, and I will be more than happy to pass your words to these people too.
- Pouya !*


Hani said...

When a community starts to grow in a productive way, it's a very good feeling :) Hope it keeps its vibes and hope we can contribute more & more :)

آنا said...

the idea of Connecting Andishe group and radio is perfect

Pouya said...

I think that Calgary is going to be a much better city.. I am getting the vibe of it too.. i am talking not only in terms of the Iranian community but in general as city

I know that Shahin does excessive research for each of those subjects.. that is exactly what they need in the radio..

Nima said...

Good for you guys in Calgary. I have not ever heard of a Persian radio in Toronto, or Vancouver. It is an awesome idea!

Pouya said...

Actually there are some radio programs.. as far as I heard, in Vancouver Iranian community has a TV show on cable TV as well.
the first university based Iranian Radio was in Edmonton , radio north 53! which was pretty awesome too.. and I think that it can be a good model for the Calgary version. but they stopped airing it from last year.

Nima said...

I have not heard about none of them. Apparently Persian community is more active than what I thought!