Tuesday, March 1, 2011

از زبان خنیاگر - No.8 - I feel too much

A little time
A little trust
You blew my mind, I feel too much.

Is it all mine, to want your love?
Am I too blind to see at all?
But, we don't need to talk about it,
over and over and over again.
We don't need to live without it but,
you're still willing to play.

I was hoping and it felt so good,
and its too hard,
and its too hard not to say.
Do you still feel the same?

A little rhyme
A little lust
Is it a crime, to crave your touch?
You'll unwind, you're in my blood.

Just say my name (for once)
We don't need to talk about it over,
and over, and over again...

Independence is what saves me from my demise.
We'll sort it out and go through changes.
It is time, I got myself (out) from the bottom
of the shape that you think I'm in.
And it goes on and...

A little lie
A little rust
I will stay and try
but I feel too much.

- April

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