Wednesday, March 30, 2011

زیر گنبد کبود - No.32 - Talk , weekly visual arts magazine

Talk is a weekly online magazine that reports on the visual arts and the artists of the Iran.

I found its link in the Piadero blog.. It is literally amazing and it shows the huge amount of great art work that is forming and coming out of this country.. Its a valuable collection of Iranian contemporary arts in a very professional presentation. I am personally sure that I will spend some good quality hours with this volume of it.. I hope you guys like it too..

- Pouya !*


Moji said...

Good one... thanks Pouya!

Pouya said...

ur welcome Moji khan

آنا said...

یادم نیست توی فیس بوک به نظرم مراتب قدردانی رو به جا آوردم . ولی واسه محکم کاری....مرسی از معرفی

Pouya said...

بله ابراز لطف فرمودید.. من هم همین الان نسبت به کلاس عکاسی آنلاین قدردانی کردم :) خیلی جالب بود ، انشالله سر فرصت اون رو کامل بررسی کنم..