Thursday, January 27, 2011

از زبان خنیاگر - No.7 - Cyrus the Great

The Cyrus the Great

Somewhere in the left corner of Asia
There’s a beautiful country called Persia
It’s the land of poets and history
Perfumes and spices and mysteries

It’s where the earth first met the sun
And their love begun
And the hope filled the hearts
And always stayed around

This is how the story begins
With a brave and righteous king
Creator of the best human rights slate
A peaceful soul known as Cyrus the Great

He was the first to set his people free
And let them pray their god however it maybe
Throughout his empire banned slavery
With the hope of wiping it off the history

Now it’s been thousands of years
That his time has passed
Persia has shined through
And will forever last

For his wisdom remains
Keeping this land all allied
Like a star far in the skies
In horizons a light
In horizons like a shimmering light

- Pouya !*


Faridah said...

سلام دوست خوبم
خوبی ؟
من همیشه میام اینجا
دوست دارم وبلاگت رو
من هم جدیدا وبلاگم رو راه انداختم
حتما بیا خوشحال میشم

دوست قدیمت

Hani said...

بسیار کار زیبایی ‌ست.

از قدیم گفته اند : آنچه از دل‌ بر آید، بر دل‌ نشیند

آنا said...

باور کن بعضی چیزها رو حتی با طعم دارچین هم نمیشه تحمل کرد . مثل کی ؟ بگم ؟ بگم؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
از این حرفها گذشته دارچین به همراه زیتون و زعفران از عناصر بهشتی شکموهایی مثل من هستند . زنده باد دارچین بخصوص در پای سیب

Pouya !* said...

ممنونم دوستان از کامنت ها تون ..