Wednesday, January 12, 2011

my small encyclopedia of big movies - No.2 - Black Swan

 The road to hell is paved with good intentions, this is an old proverb quoted by many philosophers such as Karl Marx. It is the first single step to modernity and to me this movie is all about that. There are plenty of things in my mind about this great movie and I have to get over all shortly.
To me it starts struggling with the concept of good. What is good? How something is good. When the bad is good? and when the good is bad. It is an amazing story of evolving through the change in the concept of good in one’s mind. Her encounters with the black version of herself, the mind games and the masochism were the hardships of realizing the modern meaning of good which she was facing after having a very protected yet fearful childhood. Her mother was a failed experience, running back to the cave trying to protect her child from the monster outside. It was hard for her mother to accept that she can have different -and not necessarily good- ties with the outside world.
Another very powerful mechanism in this movie was the potential of the story. The fact that one person should dance both the white and black swan, is a powerful contradiction that could be used for describing such evolving in one’s life. Another point in my mind is the pressure, this shows this evolving does not happen unless in very serious hardship. However she would not get herself out of her locked room without this huge tendency of her to face the challenge. So it does not mean that every pressure would result in such evolution. She found the challenge that was right for her, and she did not give up on that. She was trying so hard to come with a solution or an answer for all of her confusions. otherwise no one would know where her mind games could take her -this was somehow the story of her mother too-.
The ending, was hard to swallow. I couldn’t think of any better ending and it was supported by the story as well. But at the same time I was feeling that dying is not always the outcome. Maybe that last moment is enough for fulfilling her entity and maybe the rest is just less important.

- Pouya !*

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Nima said...

It was truly awesome! And from liberation of self point of view, it makes even more sense for us. Consider that the source of suppression for her was just her mom, and compare it to our situation that all the history, culture, education system, everything is just a suppression force. I just loved it!