Monday, January 10, 2011

my small encyclopedia of big movies - No.1 - Annie Hall

Well this was a nice one.. to me all of it summed up at the very last part. how life is real and how this reality show is funny. And how its better to focus on the fun. nothing best describes this movie than this very ending. I think he had spent a long time just writing this short narration word by word. every singel word of it has the ability to shiver you in a way.. 

- Pouya !*

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Hani said...

well, I think that's very disappointing and shallow ..though I agree with you on the "enjoying life" part.. I think there is no such a state as the mentally healthy cause it's very relative ... plus, did he say at the end "...we both had our girl.."!??? did she finally decided to be gay?:)