Sunday, January 9, 2011

my small encyclopedia of big movies - No.0

I am not a big fan of cinema.. I am a small fan of it. every once in a while I got my self in the middle of discussion of about a movie which I haven't even heard about it. Most of the times in those situations, I detach myself from the crowd and think to my self what I was doing when these guys were watching those movies.. And I keep hoping -fooling my self- that perhaps I was doing something far more important..

However I happen to watch movies once in while and I happen to cry or to get so happy or feel very confused with some movies just like the rest of the world. And I happen to adore these artists ,or to deny them or to feel they are stupid, just like the rest of the world too. And because of that I happened to know about limited evidences of this seventh art - or - I do have some knowledge about the seventh art but it is in fact limited.

I decided to write a small memo of every movie I watch.. this way I could keep track of my limited knowledge, and I would not forget or lose these messages and feelings. And more importantly, when life brings me to see another of these movies again one day in farther future, I can come back and see what the hell I was thinking when saw that movie first.. and how the hell it affects me now, I mean then..

This is going to be a very cool investment.. and let it be cinnamon's tribute to  all the great art that exist out there..

- Pouya !*

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Moji said...

We certainly like this tribute!