Thursday, June 17, 2010

Updates from the world downstairs - No.2 - St.Vincent

the plan of visiting Montreal for this years Jazz fest was terminated so soon, the main reason for sure was the economical crises and tons of works that I have to go through. But I am trying to cheer myself up for the folk fest which is going to be held in 22nd of July here in Calgary. my quite-a-long-time favorite independent artists -The Swell Season- as well as many others are going to be here in just few bus stops away.
what I decided to do is to try to devote this line of the blog to review various artists that are gonna be here in Calgary... this way first of all I will earn lots of information myself as well as I will share them with you guys.

Anyhow, the first one that is indeed one of the most famous ones is St.Vincent.. I've heard her name many many places but I had not heard even a single piece her music... St.Vincent music is nice, easy and odd.. Ive found the "Paris is burning" the best track of hers, which is still odd but is something that you can enjoy as well. other tracks of her are still harsh on my ears and I believe I need to tame my ears more to see what is so special about her music that everyone praises it so much. the other good song of her is "Laughing with the mouth of blood" which has a good/hilarious music video.

st. vincent | MySpace Music Videos

recenlty a cover version of the "Sleep all summer" is distributed here and there which St.Vincent and The National did it together and is nice.. the original song is for Crooked Fingers.

28 years old Annie Erin Clark started her way by opening the shows for The National and Arcade Fire... and she released her first album "Marry Me" in 2007 which includes some other good songs like "Now Now" and "all my stars are aligned". she took the name "St.Vincent" from the name of the hospital where Dylan Thomas -the enlgish poet- died there in 1953... her artistic pseudonym is so good & weird in my opinion.. I believe right now her story is the dream of many other indie musicians all around the globe.
well this was the first of the series..
- Pouya !*

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Sareh A said...

thanks for the intro... 'like'! keep these posts from the underground coming.
also, if you ever go to Montreal... New York's only a few hours away! Hope to see you soon Pouya, hala harjaye donya ke bashe! ;)