Friday, June 4, 2010

زیر گنبد کبود - No.7 - Comment

I have heard the "A Parable from the Angel of Death" song of an artist named Kian around a year ago from Tehran Avenue music fest and via this winkis, and till now, I always thought myself that this is something that persian music/musicians has never experienced before.

the music itself is mesmerizing, and far from the music the idea that the death angels do all these things because of their love to us, waa , it got me through so many minutes of thinking.

anyhow , today I discovered a band called "Comment". I started listening their music and I figured out that Kian himself is a member of this band , and they published an album together called "going higher". I pretty lucky to found their album this randomly and during one these study break internet surfings.

another awesome song of them is "mitooni", and i just keep listening it over and over   again.. "hey to" song also remind me of "hey you" because of no reason.. all of their album is literally great.. i cant pick up a favorite song between them... "bi to" is pretty much amazing too..

I found this album with no special description on mediafire , I hope that they put it there themselves and i hereby want to distribute their words and musics and you guys really need to listen to this. - so in case that this is not what they desire, I would take this off of this blog asap-

- Pouya !*

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