Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my airplane pants - No.3

Her name is Janika , she is 26 years old and she was traveling from Berlin to Brazil to stay for the summer. Her hometown is Berlin. She prefers to wear more comfortable clothes in the flights but she certainly cares about the look. The loose long jacket is comfortable, enough warm and pretty. She said that she probably won’t need it in Brazil but she keeps it for the return flight for sure. She does not have special favorite kind of shoes and she wears very different styles, but in her opinion converses are cool, comfortable and good for long flights as well. She likes the black and white contrast between her pants and shoes, “its cool” to look a bit messy she said.

- Pouya !*

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Ed Saiedi said...

She definitely knows what she's talking about! Berliners are definitely cool dressers! ;)