Friday, May 28, 2010

my airplane pants - No.2

Chijioke is 19 years old. He was traveling from Nigeria to Saint John’s Canada. He is studying electrical engineering there. He is fond of blue and he likes to wear jeans. He thinks that jeans are both stylish and enough comfortable even for long flights. Also he believes that his white frame sun glasses perfectly match the white strips of his shirt. His leather worked belt was one of his favorite belts that he thinks it goes with dark color jeans. He had several wrist bands with different prints on them; the most important one as he emphasized on his Christianity is the blue one, saying “Loves Jesus”. Other wrist bands of him had the prints of “Abstain from Sex”, “take control of your future” and “take cover, use condoms”.

- Pouya !*

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Marion =D said...

the guy knows his colors and has morals lol =D